The Trump Administration has already ended Temporary Protected Status (‘TPS’) for 4 countries this year. Nepal is next on the chopping block as Department of Homeland Security (‘DHS’) has canceled TPS for Nepal. This cancellation is expected to affect about 9,000 Nepalis immigrants. TPS was originally granted to Nepal in 2015 after a devastating 7.8 earthquake hit the country. Of the original 15,000 that immigrated over here at that time, only 9,000 remain in the country. As of last summer, more than two-thirds of those affected in Nepal were still living in temporary shelters.


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This is devastating for the 9,000 that came to America in hopes of starting a new life, but DHS is giving Nepalis immigrants currently on TPS one-year to wind down their life and return to Nepal. This also means that Nepalis immigrants who want to stay in America will need to find an alternative relief/path to naturalization, as the name suggests this was always a temporary measure. If you’re a Nepalis immigrant and wish to stay in the United States and wish to see if you have an alternative measure please contact your local immigration attorney.