Marriages can fall apart for all sorts of reasons, and there are countless reasons why people may be unhappy with their marriage. For example, someone may be married to a chronic liar or compulsive shopper, or their spouse may be angry and aggressive which makes them rethink the relationship. In some cases, people are able to work through these challenges through counseling and other techniques and save their marriage. However, other problems within a marriage, such as domestic violence, may permanently shatter the relationship and it is pivotal for victims of domestic violence to protect themselves.

Domestic violence may happen for any number of reasons. For example, someone may have grown up in a toxic home, and exposure to abuse during their childhood may carry over into their adulthood. Or, someone may take out their frustrations on family members. For example, someone may become abusive after losing their job or suffering some other major setback in life. However, domestic violence, whether it consists of physical or verbal abuse (or both), should never be tolerated.

Victims of domestic violence should immediately take steps to protect themselves. In some cases, this may mean reaching out to law enforcement officials. When domestic violence is the main reason for someone deciding to file for a divorce, they should carefully evaluate their circumstances. For example, this may need to be brought to the court’s attention when it comes to a dispute over how the custody of a child will be awarded. We understand how emotionally difficult these challenges can be and victims of domestic violence should be prepared.