On your first day at a new job in Texas, you probably get a bunch of paperwork. Included in that is usually an employee handbook. An employee handbook is a very useful tool an employer can use to ensure that all employees understand the rules and policies at the company. There are many reasons why a company should have a well-written employee manual.

New Focus HR, LLC explains a solid employee handbook will bring everyone together on the same page and give both the employer and employee written documentation to use if incidents arise. For example, if there is an incident involving attendance, the handbook serves as a clear and decisive matter to use to determine who is in the wrong in this incident.

Having a well-written manual also protects the employer in many ways. It can help the employer to outline possible reasons for termination, including discipline and review methods. This can help protect an employer from claims after firing an employer.

The handbook also protects employees because it becomes an agreement. An employer cannot suddenly change the rules. For example, if the manual says you will get a written warning after missing three days of work, your employer cannot suddenly decide to fire you instead of giving you a warning.

The handbook ensures everyone is on the same page. It keeps things consistent and can manage everything from lunch breaks to ethics. The handbook becomes the overall manual that employees and the employer can consult when questions or concerns come up, which can save time if the manual includes comprehensive information. This information is for education and is not legal advice.