Your employees provide an immeasurable value to your company by using their skills, competencies, education and experience to strengthen your organization and compete with other businesses. At Cook, Nguyen & Ressler, PLLC, we are committed to helping companies in Texas to protect the assets that provide the most support to their organization.

One valuable resource you can utilize in your efforts to hold your employees accountable is an employment contract. The purpose of this document is to allow your employees to have a clear understanding of your expectations of them, as well as what must be maintained in order to keep their job. You may also define your disciplinary policy and the process that will unfold if they cease to abide by their contractual obligations. A well-written contract can circumvent misunderstandings before they transition into something more serious that could potentially create costly disagreements.

The Harvard Business Review suggests that in your effort to hold your employees accountable, that you should have a way to measure whether or not they are abiding by company standards. This measurement tool should be brought to their awareness so they can also judge their own progress and compliance. Additionally, you should set clear expectations and understand the level of capability of each of your employees so you can make reasonable and professional assessments about the kind of behavior and performance to expect from them.

When you are able to realize the value of holding your employees accountable and are able to articulate that requirement into your employment contracts, you may notice that your employees are incentivized to be responsible and productive. For more information about protecting your most critical business assets, visit our web page.