In Texas, there is a slight stigma against prenuptial agreements. Older generations in particular seem adverse to them. It was once viewed as a tool that the rich and elite needed. Some viewed “average” people who wanted prenups pessimistic at best and a risk to a happy marriage at worst. But younger couples are viewing prenups in a different way. 

Young couples these days view prenups as a way to protect themselves in the event of a divorce. NBC News takes a look into what makes prenups so crucial. First of all, they point out that marriage is a legal act. While it is also important on a symbolic level, it is a way of binding two individual’s assets together. New couples are facing this fact head-on. 

Some studies imply that this change may be due in part to the age young couples are being wed. Since 2013 alone, the average age of marriage has increased to almost 30 years old. In addition, 5 years is the average time that couples spend dating before they tie the knot. In this period, many young people are able to amass a good number of assets. It is natural that they would fight hard to protect this. 

Prenuptial agreements can have a place in any marriage. As old preconceived notions fade away, more people are coming to accept how useful prenups can be. It is not a sign of pessimism or a show of belief that a marriage will fail. It is a way to protect assets in the event of a worst-case scenario.